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Since the 1960s, the Bed Bug has been considered almost unimportant as a common pest in developed countries, with cases of Bed Bug infestation so rare that even many professionals had never seen one. Recently, Bed Bugs have made a significant global come-back, with outbreaks occurring in North America, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

Bed Bug populations seem to be generally on the rise, and in some cities have reached epidemic proportions. Bed Bugs have been found infesting homes, hotels, student accommodation and even public transport, and the number of reported cases is increasing exponentially. It has reached the point where some city councils have been forced to draft legislation to help deal with the problem that is now affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

MidMos Solutions Ltd has introduced a range of products to assist both the individual and the pest control professional in solving Bed Bug problems. The BB ALERT ® range of products includes monitors to provide early Bed Bug detection and devices to safely eliminate Bed Bugs from personal items and soft furnishings such as mattresses. Because Bed Bugs are found so closely associated with people, all the BB ALERT ® products are pesticide free and safe to use.

The BB ALERT ® products are not complicated, and have been designed for use by:

  • Home owners, to detect the presence of Bed Bugs.
  • Home owners, to confirm the efficacy of a Bed Bug treatment provided by a professional pest control company.
  • Owners and managers in the health, hospitality, and similar industries who hold responsibility for the well being of their clients.
  • Pest control companies, to confirm Bed Bug activity prior to treatment and to verify treatment effectiveness.

To find out more about Bed Bugs and the Monitoring and Elimination solutions available from MidMos and to buy the products, visit the web site.

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If you have a business that operates in an area where biting insects are present you cannot afford to ignore the problems that present themselves to you.

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