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> BiteBack is the world-leading insect attractant system developed in conjunction with some of the world’s top entomological institutes and academics

Biting insects home in like a guided missile

Biting insects home in on the breath of mammals from a considerable distance. Once close up they detect the odours mammals produce naturally. At short range they see a thermal image which allows them to locate the warmest areas of the mammal which signifies where the blood is nearest the surface. Then they bite … without the victim knowing … causing misery and suffering.

In any one locality there will be many different species and sub-species of biting-insects. The BiteBack MidMos Total Solution is unique in that it controls many different species.

The Total Midmos Solution is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Safe
  • Odourless
  • Non-intrusive
  • Environmentally-friendly

How BiteBack Works

Control Panel
The control panel allows for auto-operation of the trap. It also allows for different and precise levels of attractant to be released to ensure optimum attraction of the specific problem biting insect coupled with optimum efficiency.

Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide is released from behind the high voltage grid. The Carbon Dioxide is tracked by the biting insect in the hope it will find a "blood meal". Different biting insect have different prey. Some prey release more Carbon Dioxide than others and for this reason it is possible to program BiteBack Professional to release different and precise amounts of Carbon Dioxide.

Thermal Lure
As the biting insect, attracted by Carbon Dioxide, homes in on the trap it switches to its thermal receptors in order to find a suitable blood area to bite. The Thermal Lure is controlled electronically at the particular temperature optimum to attract the target biting insect.

High Voltage Grid
Sitting at the heart of BiteBack Professional is a stainless steel high voltage (HV) killing grid. Positioned in front of the Thermal Lure, Gas outlets and Octenol the biting insects must pass through it in order to "bite" the Thermal Lure. As the biting insect pass close to the HV grid they are killed instantly.

Octenol Cartridge
Octenol is a chemical naturally exhaled by mammals. As such it is an attractant to biting insects. The Octenol is released when heated by the Thermal Lure.

If you have a business that operates in an area where biting insects are present you cannot afford to ignore the problems that present themselves to you.

Your business will suffer:

Lost Revenue
Lost Business
Lost Reputation
Lost Productivity

Customers and employees will suffer: