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MidMos Total Solutions

MidMos Total Solutions offer a uniquely assembled package maximizing control of your biting insect problem through scientific understanding combined with state of the art design and technology


The technical survey is designed to get an understanding of the insect problem on-site. The survey will provide a written survey report detailing biting insect larval distribution across the proposed site, recommendations for trap placement (and other measures where suitable) to effectively manage biting insects and suggestions and recommendations for continued monitoring of the site.


Our Total Solutions package includes the complete project management of the program

  • Project Coordination
  • Surveying
  • System Design
  • Engineering Planning
  • Systems Installation
  • Monitoring and Maintenance


Our Total solutions package can provide contractual provision of all consumables

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Lure Attractants
  • Product Maintenance and Servicing


As part of an on-going Total solutions package, we can provide on-going annual technical inspections of your site

  • To monitor the effectiveness of the system
  • To record any charges in the breeding behaviors of biting insects
  • To make continuous recommendations regarding management of the terrain and trap location

If you have a business that operates in an area where biting insects are present you cannot afford to ignore the problems that present themselves to you.

Your business will suffer:

Lost Revenue
Lost Business
Lost Reputation
Lost Productivity

Customers and employees will suffer: